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Robin Winter


I've always been fascinated by the diversity of human culture and the variety of ways people live and the universal strength of human connection. I prefer to work analogue and shoot primarily on 35mm film, process my own film, and have a makeshift darkroom in my bathroom for producing final prints. There is something to the tactile experience of creating art in this way that allows me to slow down and remember the places and moments when and where the photos were taken.

Kevin Sweeney


Kevin Francis Sweeney is a fine art documentary photographer and graphic designer. He is the founder and design principal of Rare Specimen Design which specializes in photobook design and production. Kevin grew up in Houston, Texas, is a graduate of Tulane University, New Orleans, and completed his MFA at the School of Visual Arts, New York. He is currently designing books and working on a personal project about New Orleans. Past projects include: the Cuban Footsteps Project, and Sixteen Sundays: Worshipping the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tina Weitz

Creekside Studio Atx

Multidisciplinary artist

Beginning her career in 1998 in Austin , Texas , Tina Weitz worked as a successful architectural photographer for over 20 years. As time passed and Austin grew , she began exploring and focusing on fine art . She owned and operated Studio2Gallery and Photomethode in Austin , working with national and local artists. She was also Gallery Associate Director for Flatbed Press and Gallery for 2 years , where she loved to learn the photogravure and printmaking processes. In 2017 Tina moved to Washington State and in 2019 became an artist at Creekside Studio ATX . Her imagery/focuses on alternative processes such as photogravure and instant film.

Tina's background includes being a selected artist for Austin Bergstrom International Airport's National Visual Arts Month and later chosen to create ABIA's 5th Anniversary Celebration Limited edition print. the artwork won an international award for works judged from international airports worldwide. Her hand-manipulated Polaroid prints have been exhibited nationally and internationally - taking a tour visiting Nice, France and throughout Europe with the Texas Photography Society . She has been featured in many magazines and in several books, including Borderlands Texas Poetry review and Celebrating the Lonestar Millennium with forward by Dan Rather.

Carol Hayman

Photographer and printmaker

Carol Hayman, photographer and printmaker, lives in Austin, Texas where she is a retired Professor of Anthropology from Austin Community College. She prints at Slugfest Print Studio, where her photographs become fine art prints or photo etchings, using polymer plates, an intaglio French Tool press named Andre Eugene Beaudoin, handmade paper, and Charbonnel ink. She has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, England, France, Spain, Bulgaria and other countries. Her work is included in the collections of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the Woodlands School Art Trust, the University Health System San Antonio, and the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago.

Vera Schoepe

Multimedia artist

Vera Schoepe is a Spanish-German multimedia artist based in Vashon Island, WA who uses Photography and other Art media to document questions of memory, identity, and territory, with emphasis on in-situ designs co-created with communities living in borderlands. In her research, she seeks to explore the poetry and politics of shifting hybrid identities in public and private spaces. With her workshops, she ultimately seeks to encourage participants to assert and co-create meaning as they map out their bearings. Her art-o-cartographies are informed by interviews and local histories and are the root of her creative inquiry.

Ashley Garmon


Ashley is a photographer based out of Austin, Texas. She often works with Holgas, toy cameras made out of plastic. Holga's cheap construction and convex-concave lens produces pictures with natural distortions, as light leaks and other imperfections contribute to soft-edged, dreamlike images. She also deliberately manipulates the film by heating it, or cross-processing it during development.

Shooting successfully with a Holga takes considerable skill and patience. There are only 12 frames on each roll of film, so Ashley must be astute and deliberate in her work. Because the Holga is fairly primitive with a fixed f-stop and shutter speed she must carefully read the light before taking each photograph.

Westfield Fine Art


Holly Reed and Thomas McConnell are commercial photographers based in Austin, TX. Together they own a visual media production company, Emphatic Creative, and collection of their art photography, Westfield Fine Art. Holly Reed produces images of people for business and advertising. Thomas McConnell specializes in architectural photography, aerial photography, video production for business and non profit organizations, and documentary films.

Cara Jackson


Cara Jackson was born in Greensboro, North Carolina. She grew up next to acres of forest and regularly visited National Seashores along the Outer Banks, which fostered her love of nature. Since childhood Cara has used paint, pen, and pencil to create illustrations and play with color. The combination of her love of nature and art led her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Appalachian State University, which sits high in the mountains near the Appalachian Trail.

After graduation, warmer weather and a bustling creative community drew her to Austin, Texas where she pursued a career in graphic design. She continued to paint and her style began to shift, taking on a brighter and flatter quality. In 2014, she left Austin to travel the Western United States by R.V., spending time in National Parks and Forests. She returned to Austin later that year, feeling inspired by the desert and canyon landscapes she had discovered.

Cara continues to travel regularly, discovering inspiration for her series "Iconic Texas" which seeks to highlight the Lone Star State's numerous public parks through vibrant acrylic paintings.

Bita Ghassemi

Filmmaker and photographer

Bita Ghassemi is an Iranian-American film director and photographer from Austin, TX. As an advocate for diversity in front of and behind the camera, she has directed Farsi-language short films that have premiered at a multitude of festivals around the world. Other projects she has worked on include award-winning narrative short films, documentaries, music videos, branded content, campaign videos and commercials. She is the founder of PILLARBOXED, a video production company based in Austin, TX with a mission to diversify Hollywood narratives and create visually compelling, universal stories that strike a balance between entertaining audiences, finding truth in humanity, and delivering meaningful societal messages.

Salvador Rodriguez


I have painted and studied landscape painting almost all my life, and before throwing the brush on the canvas, I camp and enjoy studying the ecosystem; I believe that knowing every element in my painting is essential to bring it to life on my paintings. I like to paint panoramic views especially the Deserts, I love Texas and Big Bend, where the Mountains are the frame of my paintings and along with the blue sky and its capricious clouds create a composition that gives me that energy and tranquility of balance that I tried to put in my paintings.

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